Thursday, 2 May 2013

JAMB/UTME 2013/2014 JAMB Result 2013 Checking- Check Jamb Result 2013

JAMB/UTME 2013/2014 JAMB Result 2013 Checking- Check Jamb Result 2013: JAMB/UTME 2013/2014 JAMB Result Checking
1. You’re required to visit JAMB OFFICIAL WEBSITE
shown above.
2. When it opens up, do check your upper right
side once site is opened.
3. Then insert your PIN, Serial No or Reg Number.
4. When your JAMB 2013 RESULT has been shown
to you, print out the copies for further usage. Note that Further information regarding the Jamb
Result Checker 2013 will be share via this Website.
Things to note in Checking Jamb Results 2013 5. You will not be buying a scratch card to check
your results.
6. Keep away from fake Jamb officials, who claims
and promise to change your JAMB RESULT 2013/
JAMB SCORE 2013 for you.
7. Jamb will never collect money from students so as to rank them higher than other students.
8. Make sure you have the full details of the school
you are about to enter before traveling there.
9. You can check Jamb results 2013/2014 on your Computer, Desktop, Laptop, Netbooks and
Notepads, IPads and other high tech browsing devices.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

March 23 today Mtn Free browsing setup

Fix all your browsing now on March 23 today Mtn Free browsing setup:Account name: MTN:
Acount name: mtn
Homepage: htt://
Port: 8080
Username: internet
Pasword: internet
Acespoint or Apn:
Port: 8080

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mtn December 6 2012 Freebrowsing Setting

Mtn December 6 2012 Freebrowsing Setting for Whether you are an occasional, regular or heavy user, MTN has a data plan that suits your lifestyle. Once you have identified the prepaid bundle plan that best suits you, simply text the migration code for the plan to 131(see table below) or select your preferred bundle from the Fastlink user interface and you will be switched immediately to the bundle plan of your choice and the corresponding activation fee deducted from your account. You will also receive an sms message on your phone or laptop confirming successful bundle activation.
Bundle Plan
Inclusive Data (Old)
Inclusive Data (New)
Validity Period
Price (N)
Activation Codes

9pm(Fri)-6am (Mon)
9am-9pm( 30days)
Out of bundle rate 5kobo per kilobyte applies.
Data Usage Guide
1 hour instant messaging0.25MB- 1MB
1 hour of web browsing1.5MB-25MB
Download 100 e-mails1MB-10MB
1 hour on Facebook2MB- 80MB
Download 1 photo0.05MB-2Mb
Download 1 MP3 file3MB- 8MB
1 software download70MB-800MB
1 hour of video streaming ( e.g. YouTube) 250Mb-500MB
Data Speed
SignalPeak SpeedAverage internet browsing speed
GPRS115 kbps33 – 35..8kbps
EDGE384 kbpsNot Yet  Fully deployed
3G384 kbps100 - 240kbps
3.5G (HSDPA)3.6 Mbps800kbps
Notes: The table above represents the Peak data rates across the MTN network, and also shows the average transfer rate of data when accessing popular internet sites using the MTN Network. It should be noted that the actual speed experienced by the end user could be different from the table above due to other limitations outside of MTN’s control, such as:
  • The resource used (e.g device type) being used to access the mobile data service.
  • The availability of the server being accessed (internet site, mail server, etc.)

Friday, 30 November 2012


November 30 2012 MTN FREEBROWSING SETTING FOR OPERA:1. MTN internet provisioned sim
2. Any 3G Usb or Universal modems
3. Freegate free browsing Proxy Software
4. And of course your PC

Steps For Setting The MTN Free Browsing Tricks & Codes
Step 1:
Ensure your MTN line is internet-service configured, you can learn how to provison your sim here or call 180

Step 2:
Set-up and configure your 3G usb modems as follows
Profile Name: Ur choice
Access Point (APN):

In Authentication Settings, insert the following settings

Access Number: *99#
Username: web
Password: web

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

2go Chat for Pc- How to 2go mobile chat on pc

2go Chat for Pc- How to 2go mobile chat on pc:2go download is a social networking and Instant messaging mobile application. It enables mobile phone users to chat for free. You can meet and add other friends. 2go also has open chat rooms on different topics where you can join in the discussion and socialise with other users. There also games to play. 2go also has gateways that enable users chat with friends on GTalk, Mxit, and Facebook.

The reason 2go is popular mobile chat is its simplicity and lightweight, making it available to lots of low-end phones, something Facebook has failed to do and which they acknowledged when announcing their public offering. 2go can run on any Java enabled mobile phone be it Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, or BlackBerry. Users can now even use 2go on their PC as part of an experimental service by the company.

How to Download 2go on your phone
Visit the 2go website at on your mobile phone browser eg Opera mini. Choose your country eg. Nigeria. Click on the download 2go link, enter your mobile phone number in the view that follows and press Go. Fill out the form with the required information and send.

2go will now attempt to automatically detect your mobile phone model. If the auto detection is successfully your 2go chat app will begin to download. If auto detection fails, 2go will give you the option to select your mobile phone model manually. Click on Select another phone and manually look for your mobile phone model. If you find the model of your mobile phone, click on the link to begin your free 2go chat app download.

After the free download, the installation begins automatically. Make sure you note your 2go password, you will require to use 2go on PC. At the end of the installation launch your 2go app to meet your friends. 2go app will automatically detect your contacts on your phonebook that are using 2go. These contacts will be automatically added as your friends on 2go.

November 2012 Mtn Freebrowsing on 2GO,Snaptu,Nimbuzz,Mig33Messenger

November 2012 Mtn Freebrowsing on 2GO,Snaptu,Nimbuzz,Mig33Messenger Use mtn default setting as your ip: 2Go Handler Frontquery:
Host: 2GO MIG33
Frontquery: Host:
Frontquery: Host:
HTTP: Socket:
Host: NIMBUZZ Frontquery: Host: ETISALAT USER,S Just Create A New Access point With this
port:80 ETISALAT USER,S 2GO CHEAT Just Create A New Acess Point With This
Create New Settings or Create New
Prov using IP: | PORT: 80
Then Put this in FrontQuery:
But for Java user,s create a prov file

Check npc recruitment 2012 for National Population Commission 2012 recruitment

Check npc recruitment 2012 for National Population Commission 2012 recruitment  : national population commission recruitment 2012 of Nigeria was established by the federal government in 1988. It has the statutory powers to collect, analyze and disseminate population/demographic data in the country. It is also mandated to undertake demographic sample surveys, compile, collate and publish migration and civil registration statistics as well as monitor the country’s Population Policy.

National Population Commission – NPC Nationwide Recruitment 2012 The National Population Commission is set to commence the processing of applications for employment into various vacant positions. Already, several applications have been received at the NPC Headquarters and State Offices. All Such applications have been sorted and forwarded to the respective State of origin of candidates.

Application Closing Date
Receipt of applications will close on Friday, 30th November, 2012.

Method of Application
Interested candidates who are yet to submit their applications may do so at the NPC State Offices of their respective States of origin.
Information on vacant positions and the required educational qualifications are available in the State Offices.

Full News

Saturday, 24 November 2012

inecnigeria 2012 recuitment application at www recruitment inecnigeria org

inecnigeria 2012 recuitment application at www recruitment inecnigeria org:INEC Recruitment 2012 – The Independent National Electoral Commission is seeking application from qualified candidates to fill the vacancies below.
You must first REGISTER and then APPLY for INEC Recruitment 2012.
Make sure you have your MOBILE PHONE available. You will need this to complete your REGISTRATION.
Please click here to see the Available vacancies( Please only apply if you meet the qualifications.
Currently Available Spaces / Vacancies in the ongoing INEC Recruitment 2012 includes:
1. Legal Officer (GL 09)
2. System Analyst / System Engr (GL 08)
3. Architect II (GL 08 / 09)
4. Quantity Surveyors I (GL 08)
5. Engineers II (GL 08)
6. Technical Officers (GL 08)
7. Registration Area Officer II & III (GL 08 & 07)
You can only apply for ONE VACANCY. Once you apply for a vacancy, IT CANNOT BE CHANGED.
Providing inaccurate information is grounds for immediate disqualification.
You can apply below:
We wish you all Luck. Do make sure you read the Basic requirements and Job descriptions for every of the above listed Jobs as all has its own Basic Requirements and mode of entry.
NB (Updated November 24th 2012): Due to the number of visitors being received on INEC’s  Website, the Portal might be slow and difficult to access. It is advised that you keep trying as it will eventually open once the traffic decrease.

Monday, 12 November 2012

copyprotect for blogger 2012 Find Out Who Is Copying Your Content

copyprotect for blogger 2012 Find Out Who Is Copying Your Content

1. CopyGator:

CopyGator just asks for your URL and tells you if your content is being copied. But, more importantly they can track a specific feed for you and let you know if somebody is using your content. You can also create a CopyGator badge on your blog/website which will turn from white to red, if it finds any of your content being copied.
copygator 6 Tools To Protect Your Blog Content From Being Copied

2. CopyrightSpot:

CopyrightSpot is a no-hassle tool to simply know who has copied your content. Even though their results are not that accurate, but its still very useful as they tend to include more results, rather than less. They also offer you a CopyrightSpot badge to display on your website in order to warn the violators.
copyrightspot 6 Tools To Protect Your Blog Content From Being Copied

3. CopyScape:

CopyScape let’s you track the plagiarism of your content and also provides good information about what to do in case your content is being copied by someone else without permission.
copyscape 6 Tools To Protect Your Blog Content From Being Copied

Prevent Your Content From Being Copied:

4. Wp-CopyProtect:

Getting Do not Copy badges for your blog are good to warn people, but what will you do if they still go ahead and copy it. Well, how about prevent them from even selecting any text!
You can do it for your Wordpress blogs by using the Wp-CopyProtect plugin. Once you activate the plugin, it will disable Right Click as well as the selection of the text, keeping the copy cats away. You can download the Plugin here.

5. Through JavaScript:

If you have a Non-wordpress blog but still want to prevent people from selecting any part of the text from your blog, you can do so by posting a small Javascript code in your post. This post explains in detail how to use the code and where to paste it. It is not 100% protection but will definitely make it harder for people to copy your content.

mxit login 2012 New Run MXit V5 on PC

The easiest way is to go to on your computer and proceed to downloadIt should tell you “Load v5.0 for Nokia-6270″
When you click Normal at the end of all the questions it will give a.jad file to save.
Save this .jad file to your computer, then
open that .jad file in MPowerPlayer!
This always works!
You will have to do this everytime you want to run MXit Ver. 5 on your computer
If you don’t want to download MXit everytime you want to Run MXit v5 then follow these instructions:
Yes, the .jar file linked to in the .jad expires after a while. So you need to save it on your computer because it expires on the server.
Here’s howto:
  1. Open the .jad file in Notepad,
  2. then download the file specified in it next to “MIDlet-Jar-URL: ”
    (Copy paste that URL into your internet browser; for example:
  3. Then, change the “MIDlet-Jar-URL: ” line in notepad to just have the XXXXXX.jar part in it. (for example “MIDlet-Jar-URL: 4195495727f67.jar”.
  4. Then have the .jar you downloaded and the .jad in the same directory, and open the .jad file in MPowerPlayer.
There we go 
OR, If you are desperate to use any MXit, you can still use the old MXit V3.0 .jar!
Download this MXit jar (or this MXit jar) to your computer and open it with MPowerPlayer!
MXit V3 – MPowerPlayer Quick Start Link
MXit V3 – MPowerPlayer Quick Start Link – Slower.
You can change your number on MXit 5 via MPowerPlayer by doing the following:
* Download MXit from from your PC. (You will save a .jad file to your computer)
* Open the .jad file with Notepad.
* Change this line:
MIDlet-1: MXit,/icon.png,MXit
to something like:
MIDlet-1: MXitDEF,/icon.png,MXit
which makes MPowerPlayer think it is a new program and won’t remember your login number.
* Save the .jad file.
Open the .jad in MPowerPlayer (File->Open).
You will have to do this change everytime you want to use that number you associated with MXitDEF. Beause the .jar link in the .jad expires after a while.
Once again, DEF is on the forefront of MXit on PC :)
Bringing you the newest information first!
OK, MXit version 5 has just been released! (September 2006)
And it’s hectic!

Changelog OR What’s new in v5

The main new features in version5 are:
  • File sharing
  • Picture Messaging
  • Change status
  • List of smileys
  • Conversation Saving

MXit Version 5.x for PC

The official MXit for PC client isn’t available yet.
So, in the meantime, to take advantage of all the cool features you have to use an emulator for MXit on your computer.
OK, things have changed slightly since the last version of MXit when it comes to running it onMPowerPlayer.
1) Download these two files:
Save them in the same place on your computer.
2) Open the .jad file in MPowerPlayer
And off you go, MXit 5 for computer!
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