Sunday, 23 January 2011

Creating a Bluetooth wireless technology connection

To create a Bluetooth wireless technology connection between the phone and the PC

  1. Make sure that your PC has either a compatible Bluetooth wireless technology card and the required software installed, built-in support for Bluetooth wireless technology, or a compatible Bluetooth adapter.
  2. Activate the Bluetooth wireless technology connection on your phone and make sure that you have made your phone visible in the phone's Bluetooth settings. Also check that you do not have a wireless headset connected.
  3. Activate Bluetooth on your PC (if necessary).
  4. Open Nokia Connection Manager.
  5. Select the Bluetooth connection type you want to use. Click Configure. The Get Connected wizard of Nokia PC Suite opens.
  6. Follow the instructions on the user interface and note:
  7. If you are connecting your Nokia phone to your PC using Bluetooth wireless technology for the first time, you need to pair the devices in Nokia PC Suite's Get Connected wizard. If you use the passcode generated by Get Connected, enter the passcode on your phone when the phone's display prompts you to do this. Alternatively, you can create your own passcode (1-16 characters, numeric) and enter the same passcode first to the PC and then on your phone when the phone's display prompts you to do this. This passcode is used only once and you do not need to memorize it.
  8. Authorize the connection between your Nokia phone and your PC. Select Yes when the connection request appears on the phone’s display.
  9. If you cannot see your phone on the discovery list, click the Search for more phones button.
  10. With certain phone models, you cannot have a Bluetooth dial-up connection at the same time with Nokia PC Suite. Close the Bluetooth dial-up connection before using Nokia PC Suite over Bluetooth technology.
  11. Get Connected searches for all the devices that have been paired with the PC using Nokia PC Suite's Get Connected wizard. If some of these devices are no longer within the range, the search may take a while. To prevent this from happening, click the Unpair button to clear the unwanted devices from the list.


You can set your PC as authorized, which means that individual connections between your phone and your PC do not need a separate authorization. Find the Paired devices view on your phone, select your PC, and edit the PC to be authorized or trusted, depending on the term used in your phone.
To find more troubleshooting information on Nokia PC Suite, you can browse the FAQ search database on the PC Suite web pages. To do this, go to the Nokia PC Suite main window and click Web > PC Suite on the web > PC Suite FAQ. Note that this requires an Internet connection.

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