Sunday, 23 January 2011

Nokia PC Suite

Nokia PC Suite provides you with a wide range of tools to manage a Nokia phone on your PC. In the list below you can find the applications included in Nokia PC Suite. To find out which application to use for a particular task, you may also want to see topic Which task to perform.
Nokia PC Suite can be used with compatible Nokia mobile phones. However, not all Nokia PC Suite features and applications can be used with all phone models. For more information on the PC Suite features supported by your phone, and information on phones supported by each PC Suite, refer to pages.

Nokia PC Suite applications:

Nokia Content Copier allows you to back up and restore personal data between a phone and a PC. It also lets you copy information between two Nokia phones.
Nokia PC Sync allows you to synchronize contacts, calendar items, notes, to-do items, and e-mails between a phone and a PC Personal Information Manager (PIM).
Nokia Phone Browser allows you to manage the folders of a phone through Windows Explorer.
Nokia Contacts Editor allows you to view and edit the contacts of a phone on your PC. You can also create, delete, and organize contacts in the Contacts view in Nokia Phone Browser.
Nokia Text Message Editor allows you to write, send and print text messages from your PC. In addition, in the Messages view of Nokia Phone Browser, you can organize text messages and export text messages from your phone to a file on the PC.
Nokia Application Installer allows you to install Symbian and JavaTM applications (for example, mobile games) from a PC to a phone.
Nokia Multimedia Player allows you to play multimedia messages, audio and video files. You can also create playlists of your favorite multimedia files. In addition, you can save audio and video files in a format that allows you to use them in a mobile phone or attach them to MMS messages.
Image Store allows you to store images and videos from a phone to a PC. After storing, you can launch the images and videos for viewing.
Nokia Music Manager allows you to rip CDs, create and organize digital music files on a PC and transfer them to a phone. You can also convert music files into a format that can be played on your phone.
One Touch Access allows you to connect your PC to the Internet using packet data (in GPRS or 3G networks, depending on the phone and network capabilities).

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