Sunday, 23 January 2011

Which task to perform

Which task you want to perform:
Where to go:
Back up phone contents (for example, contacts, calendar items, and user files) to a PC.  Restore the phone contents from the PC to any supported phone. Backup
Synchronize contacts, calendar/to-do items, notes, and e-mails between a phone and Microsoft Outlook or some other PC Personal Information Manager (PIM). Synchronize
Transfer files between phone and PC.
View and rename phone files and folders on a PC.
File manager
Create, view, delete, and edit contacts on a PC. Contacts
Install Java and Symbian applications, such as games and dictionaries, on your phone. Install applications
Open images, multimedia messages, audio files, and video clips.
Create playlists of your favorite multimedia files.
Change the format of a multimedia file or save the parts of a multimedia message separately.
View multimedia
Store images and videos from your phone to a PC and open the files for viewing after storing. Store images
Rip CDs, create and organize digital music files on a PC and transfer them to a phone.
Convert music files into a format that can be played on your phone.
Transfer music
Connect your PC to the Internet using your phone as a modem. Connect to the Internet
Write and send text messages from a PC.
View, delete, and organize text messages on a PC, and export text messages from your phone to a file on the PC.
Use your phone as a modem. See Using your phone as a modem
Check the Internet for phone software updates, and update your phone software for additional functionality and improved performance. For more information, see Nokia Software Updater. Update phone software

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