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                                                                      If you want to use your phone as a modem (that is, to send and receive data over a data network such as the Internet), you need modem drivers installed on your PC. Most modem drivers are installed automatically when Nokia PC Suite is installed and you connect your phone to the PC in the Get Connected wizard.


If you only want to use the Nokia PC Suite applications, but not to access the data network such as the Internet with your phone, you do not need modem drivers on your PC.

Modem drivers for a cable connection

Modem drivers for the supported USB and serial cables are installed automatically.

Modem drivers for a Bluetooth wireless technology connection

PC Connectivity Bluetooth modem is automatically installed on your PC when you pair your phone with the PC in Get Connected. In addition, if you have Microsoft Bluetooth installed on your PC, a standard Bluetooth modem is installed automatically. You can use either the PC Connectivity Bluetooth modem or the standard Bluetooth modem.

Modem drivers for an infrared connection

Nokia infrared modem is installed automatically when you connect your phone to the PC via infrared. If you are using Windows XP Service Pack 1, you must update the Nokia IrDA driver.
To update the infrared driver for Windows XP Service Pack 1

Using your phone as a modem

You can use your phone with a variety of commercially available data communications applications. When configuring a data application, you must select your phone as the modem. You can select either Nokia xxxx Cable, Nokia xxxx USB, or Nokia xxxx IrDA as the modem (xxxx stands for the model number of the phone), or PC Connectivity Bluetooth, depending on the phone you are using and the modems you have installed.

Before you use your phone as a modem, you must have the following:

  • appropriate data communications software installed on your PC.
  • a subscription to the appropriate network services from your home service provider or Internet service provider.
  • the appropriate modem drivers installed on your PC.

To use your phone as a modem

  1. Connect your phone to the PC.
    Depending on what connection type you want to use and what your phone and PC support, you should
    • activate the IR port of your phone. Place the phone and the PC so that the IR ports of the two devices point at each other. If you are using a Symbian phone, make sure that you have selected to use the infrared modem on your phone. See the user's guide of your phone for more detailed information.
    • connect the cable to the PC first and then connect the other end of the cable to the phone.
    • activate the Bluetooth wireless technology connection of your phone and pair your phone with the PC using Get Connected.
  2. If you have been using your phone with other Nokia PC Suite applications, disable all connection types from Nokia Connection Manager.
  3. Create the data connection with the connection program of the PC (for example "Network and Dial-up Connection” in Windows 2000 and “Network Connection” in XP).
  4. Select the modem you want to use according to the instructions of the connection program, and make the data call.
  5. When you want to continue using other Nokia PC Suite applications, end the data call, and select the connection types you want to use in the Nokia Connection Manager again.


If your phone supports packet data, you can use One Touch Access in Nokia PC Suite to connect to the Internet. Connect your phone to the PC and One Touch Access automatically uses it as a modem when establishing an Internet connection. For more information, see the section One Touch Access.

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