Friday, 27 July 2012

As Ramadan and Boko Haram To Cease Fire

government forces and Boko Haram insurgents are under pressure to observe ceasefire throughout the Muslim holy months of Ramadan, investigations by Saturday Tribune has revealed.

Findings revealed that scholars worldwide from the Gulf Arab nations to North Africa have issued religious decrees urging Muslims to eschew violence in the holy month of Ramadan.

The calls for cease fire was said to have divided Islamic insurgents currently ruling Northern Mali as well as the Al-Sabab Islamists currently battling international forces in trouble Somali Republic.

Saturday Tribune was told that the issue of ceasefire is also generating heated debate among Islamic Boko Haram activists in Northern Nigeria with issues reportedly being raised as to correctness or otherwise of such decision.

Islamist sources reviewed to the Saturday Tribune that the division of opinion arose from two main angles, namely whether government forces will stop their operations during the month and whether religious war can be conducted during the Ramadan.

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