Friday, 6 July 2012

Nigeria Mobile and New Technology in Advance

Nigeria mobile is a topic i stumble upon while surfing the net today and i decided to share my own point s of view on Nigeria mobile and new technology in advance in Nigeria here.
For the past years, let me say the early 90s, Nigeria technology system lack a lot of things when trying to compare with other countries in the world, but now i must say that Nigeria is a home of new life advance system for technology.
Mobile phone users in nigeria are growing do rapidly every day by day which if i am not mistaken ,i will give it 80%.
 Basically, the increase in mobile phone users in nigeria are due to the new advance mobile chatting social network in Nigeria Like, 2go, Varpal, Facebook, Eskime, Mozat et.c
People find it much easy to surf the net by just using their mobile since the cost of getting a computer system and it computer are some how much expensive in the country.
Top 5 Rated Mobile Phone  in Nigeria Today
1: Black berry
2: Nokia
3: Sansung
4: Techno
5:Motorola and et.c
The rate at which black berry phone is been spreading all over the country is really something else.
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