Tuesday, 14 August 2012

August 15 2012 Etisalat 500MB internet data plan

Who needs Etisalat 500MB internet data plan?
If you need internet access to catch-up with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social network sites; check and send emails, do a couple of research, and very little download, the Etisalat 500 MB internet browsing data plan may be able to handle your internet needs. If you spend most of the day outside your home (probably at work), the 500MB internet data plan will be great for connecting your home to the internet.
Etisalat 500MB internet browsing data plan is also great for accessing the internet on your mobile phone. If you want to access and read your emails and Facebook updates as well as access other internet services on your mobile phone, the Etisalat 500MB internet browsing plan may be adequate.

However, if you live on the internet, do lots of downloads and uploads, you may consider going for the 1.5GB, 3GB, or 6GB internet browsing plans depending on your usage. Even if you think you spend lots of time online, we advise you start with the 500MB internet data plan, if it is not enough within 30-days you can migrate to the 1.5GB data plan.
Etisalat 500MB internet data plan is okay for average users. If you require between 200MB and 500MB within 30 days, the Etisalat 500MB internet browsing data plan will be a cost effective option.
How to access Etisalat 500MB data plan?
Etisalat 500MB internet data plan can be accessed via a GPRS/EDGE enabled mobile phone or a GPRS/EDGE enabled internet modem. Simply buy and load Etisalat recharge cards worth N2,000 into your internet enabled mobile phone or USB modem and dial *229*2*2#. You will receive an SMS in a short-while informing you of the success or failure of your request. If your request is successful, you can now start browsing the internet. At the expiration of your internet package, you will receive an internet.
Etisalat 500MB Browsing data plan – 2000 Naira
Glo mini Browsing data plan (1.5GB) – N3000
Etisalat 1.5GB Internet browsing plan – N4000
Zain mini Browsing data plan (1GB) – N3000
MTN night Browsing data plan – N2,500

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