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Nigeria Seo for Blogspot Blogger for Full Search engine optimization

Nigeria Seo for Blogspot Blogger for Full Search engine optimization :Nice Seo  is important for any blog. although blogspot blogs tend to rank well in search engines there are few SEO tweaks that you can do to make it rank even higher and attract more visitors. SEO for blogspot is a not a popular topic, mostly because people who are interested in SEO are Internet marketers and businessman who have there own domains instead of free blogspot blogs. But blogspot blogs rank highly for some competitive keywords so there is no doubt that with the proper effort you can rank blogspot blogs as well. In this article I will discuss about how to do SEO for blogspot blogs, but keep in mind that you need to modify some code to do this. It is very easy to do so you don't have to be scared and I will show you how to restore the original settings, if things went horribly wrong. I will break down the different blogspot SEO tips to basic, intermediate and advanced, so you can do simple things first and familiarize yourself with the process.
Basic SEO tips for blogspot blogs
No code modification, just filling some fields
The first thing you need to do is add a proper title to your blogspot blog. Title is one of the most important things when it comes to search engine rankings so you need to make sure to add your necessary keywords to the title. The number of characters show in a search engine result varies but it is never more than 70 characters.Usually it is about 60-65 words,so make sure to add your main keywords in the first 60 characters.
Another important thing is to add the description, this explains what your blog is about, although it isn't really act as a meta description tag it shows up in search engine results. Make sure to explain what your blog is about while adding keywords as well. Both these fields can be found in Settings -> Basic in your blog. Don't wait, go do it now,this article isn't going anywhere.
Possible drawbacks of this method is that since blogger blogs shows the title at the top with somewhat huge fonts, the header section can get real big and ugly. This is not a huge problem if you are getting most of your traffic from search engines, but if you are trying to build readers and a community around your blog then this could be a drawback, In the later sections I will show you how to get through this problem.
Basic SEO setting for blogspot blogs

Backing up your blog template
saving your blog template to a xml file
In the intermediate and advanced SEO tips section you are required to make changes to the HTML code of the template. In case you make a mistake while modifying the code you need to have a back up to restore the setting. Blogger makes it very easy to back up and restore your template and you can back up your template and save it as a XML file. Go to Design -> Edit HTML and click Download Full Template, a dialog box will pop up asking you to save a XML file,save it in your preferred location.
In case something goes wrong, you can restore the template by clicking the browse button just below "Download Full Template" and selecting the XML file you saved earlier.Added advantage of this facility is if you have multiple Blogger blogs and want the same layout for another blog of yours, you can get the layout using the XML file of your desired blog.
Backing up your blog template in Blogger
You can backup your template as a XML file in blogspot
Intermediate SEO tips for blogspot blogs
Needs adding some code to the HTML
In this section we will add some meta keyword and meta description tags to your blogger template. There are various debates about the usefulness of the meta keyword tag and Google has confirmed they are ignoring it because of the abuse of that tag. However not every search engine does this so it is always a good idea to add it, since it is very easy to do. Google does provide a way to add a description about your blog but it doesn't show up as a meta description tag. Certainly Google considers that description since they own blogger, but I'm not so sure about the other blogs. Both these tags are very easy to and there is no negative impact from them, so instead of thinking too much about it you should just add it.
Go to Design -> Edit HTML, search for the tag <head>, and under that section add the following code. Make sure to changed the content section according to your description and keywords.

<meta name='description' content='SEO for blogspot, all you need to know about optimizing your blogger blog for search engine rankings' />
<meta name='keywords' content='SEO for blogspot,SEO for blogger,blogspot SEO,SEO tips blogspot' />
How Do You Rate SEO ?

Advanced SEO tips for Blogspot blogs
important code modifications for better search engine rankings
Getting the post title before the blog title for blog posts

As I mentioned before, your blog title or blog post title is very important when it comes to search engine rankings. By default blogger blogs shows the blog title first and then shows the post title. Since only 60-70 characters of the title is shown in search engine results adding proper keywords in the title wouldn't make much of a difference since most of the time they wont be visible, especially if you have a long title for your blog. Also it is a good to have the post keywords at the beginning of the title. For example if your blog title is "Sri Lankan Wedding Services Directory" and your post title is "Planning a romantic beach wedding in Sri Lanka" in a typical blogger blog the search engine result would look like "Sri Lankan Wedding Services Directory: Planning a romantic beach...", but ideally it should show as "Planning a romantic beach wedding in Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan Wedding...". This way your post title comes first with proper keywords etc.Go to Design -> Edit HTML and search for the following code between tags <head> and </head>


Replace it by

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> - <data:blog.title/></title>
 Permalinks for blogposts
Blogger users don't have the ability to modify the permalink of there blog posts,it is automatically created depending on your post title. The permalink is only visible after you publish the blog post and you don't have any way of modifying that. Another problem is blogspot supports limited number of characters for the permalink.It is usually around 35 characters and never more than 40,so if you have a somewhat long post title it is hard to create an optimized permalink. It is good to have keywords in the permalink as well, and there is a easy way to add keywords in the permalink while having a nice title optimized for long tail keywords.
Although you cant change the permalink of your blog posts, you have the ability to change your title. For example lets say your blog post title is "How to remove dandruffs quickly using natural methods", if you publish this post the permalink would be something like "how-to-remove-dandruffs-quickly-using.html", two of the most important keywords "natural methods" are not in the permalink. The way to overcome this is, write your title and blog post as usual,then before publishing change your title to "Remove dandruffs using Natual Methods". Then the permalink would be created as "remove-dandruffs-using-natural-methods.html", nicely filled with your keywords. After publishing you can change the title back to your original one.
In the "Basic SEO" section I mention adding a title with relevant keywords. Blogspot displays the title at the top of the blog in big bold letters and if you add a 60-70 word title as you should, it would look really ugly. Instead of displaying the keyword rich title you can display a user friendly title of your choice. Search for the code <b:include name='title'/>, it should be between two <H1> tags similar to below coding. In a default blogspot template you should find three occurrences.

<h1 class='title' style='background: transparent; border-width: 0px'>
<b:include name='title'/>

Replace <b:include name='title'/> with a title of your choice like the example below.

<h1 class='title' style='background: transparent; border-width: 0px'>
SEO for Blogspot

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