Monday, 9 July 2012

Noika C3 Free Browsing Set-up Guides

                            Browsing free might sound somehow but we are NOT trying to hack nokia network, We are only trying to show you some guide on how to surf the internet with nokia c3 mobile phone.
 If you want to setup your Nokia c 3 mobile for faster browsing follow the steps below .
Click on Menu on your Nokia phone> Setting> Configuration
Then click on Network provider and choose your network Access point and find preferred Access point.
After Setting up the above configuration, now it is time to locate the Hiding browser called Operamini mobile.

Browsing with Operamini on your Nokia C3 .
Operamini mobile wap browser have made it easy for all mobile surfer to surf  using mobile operamini Application

TO Browse with your Mobile using Nokia C3
 And start browsing with your New Nokia C3 mobile Phone.

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